Five Sisters Lodge



Perched high atop the edge of a steep valley, overlooking the Five Sisters Falls which flow over the rocks far below. this lodge invites you to sit back, relax, and be lured into tranquility by the sound of the cascading water.

It has been a popular escape for eco-tourists and nature lovers. The lodge is about a one-hour drive from San Ignacio, on the Caracol road, just a few miles beyond the gate at the Pine Ridge Forest reserve's entrance.

Cabanas have been carefully designed with local hardwoods, pimento sticks, traditional bay leaf thatched roofs and richly varnished mahogany interiors.

Each cabin is equipped with hot and cold baths, verandahs and hammocks to provide you with maximum comfort and relaxation. 



  • Swimming, horse back riding though the rain forest, stargazing, bird watching, nature trails.

  • Easy access to the five sister waterfalls by means of Belize's only hydro-powered rain forest tram.

  • Special guided tour into our own medicinal nature trail, where you will view and learn about over 76 different species of medicinal plants and trees. 

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  • Caracol Tour: 
    Takes you to the newly excavated ancient Mayan metropolis of Caracol, located deep in the Chiquibul Rainforest. Caracol, in the 7th century A.D. had actually conquered the city of Tikal, Guatemala. After visiting these majestic ruins, your next stop will be the famous Rio Frio Cave, where stalactites and stalagmites form an backdrop to an ancient Mayan worship place. Finally, swim in the cooling crystal clear waters of the Rio, with waterfalls cascading over granite boulders. 

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  • Mountain Pine Ridge Tour:
    The Mountain Pine Ridge is the largest National Park in Belize, and has the oldest land surface in Central America. The Park boasts numerous waterfalls, caves and an abundance of wildlife. You will visit the famous Hidden Valley Falls (the picturesque 1,000-foot waterfall) and the famous Rio Frio Cave.

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  • Macal River & Archaeological Tour:
    Canoe down the Macal River, observing many species of birds, bromeliads, orchids and the green iguana. Visit the Mayan Site of Xunantunich, where you will admire breath-taking vistas atop the temple of "El Castillo." Lunch at 
    Clarissa Falls along the banks of the Mopan river. Optional, . On the way back to the Lodge, you will visit the Green Hills Tropical Butterfly farm.

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  • San Ignacio Tour: 
    Tour the Mayan sites of Xunantunich and Cahal Pech. 

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  • Barton Creek Cave Tour:
    Takes you back in time as you drift through the mysterious darkness in a canoe. 

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  • Jungle Horseback Tour:
    Horseback riding through the rainforest with visits to Maya Plazas and ceremonial centers, hidden in the lush jungle; swim in a crystal mountain brook and then visit the famous Skeleton Cave, where you will see pottery and skeletal remains of the Maya; swim at Big Rock Waterfalls. 

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  • Tikal Day Tour:
    Takes you to one of the most famous Maya sites in Central America - the ruins of Tikal in Guatemala.

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  • Weddings & Honeymoon



Restaurant & Bar

The Five Sisters Lodge provides full dining facilities, in-house bar, stargazing deck, and a gift shop for your convenience. 

After a fun filled day out, you can relax in a romantic atmosphere in a lamp lit dining room and enjoy mouthwatering Belizean and International cuisine, specially prepared by the professional staff


Vacations International Inc is proud to recommend this property for your family vacation or honeymoon.


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