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                    Aloha, and welcome to paradise.  With this greeting comes a beautiful flower lei, which is gently placed over your head. The striking sweet aroma of the exotic flowers makes you immediately forget the hustle & bustle of the Continent and opens the gate for a vacation in the Garden of Eden.

                    Because the 50th State offers you a lot more than a semi-tropical climate.  The warm Pacific waters have an abundance of marine life; from whales to coral reefs, home to thousands of colorful reef fishes and sea turtles.  Volcanic eroded peaks are covered with  lush tropical vegetation, scented with exotic flowers and display an awesome scenery.  White Sand Beaches so docile, where the rippling ocean water glitters in the sun,  stand in sharp contrast to Beaches tormented by waves, named for their characteristics,  like Pipeline,  offering the ultimate challenge to the best surfers in the world. But besides nature these islands are  home to an old rich Polynesian History, and the Hawaiian people, your friendly hosts of the Pineapple State.





Every Island of the chain, has its own secrets, surprises, uniqueness and is an open invitation to visit.  All of them offer Resorts & Hotels with all the amenities you can wish for.

Anyone of them,  can assure you a terrific family vacation, or could be the backdrop for an intimate Honeymoon or even a wedding. So browse through our inventories of each island, and we're sure, you'll find the key to your dreams! 



In order to ease your quest for the ideal vacationing spot, we offer budget guidance by presenting a total amount,  featuring the cost per property, including round trip airfare from the US West Coast. We offer prices per couple and per family of four ( 2 adults and two children under 17/18 ), based on one week ( 7 night stay ). Please inquire, if your intended stay is longer or shorter, we'll be happy to advise. Our budget pages will allow you to make comparisons with other resorts, so can weigh and evaluate your ultimate choice.  So no gimmicks, no discount advertising ... it is YOUR vacation, so it is YOUR choice.  The Piggy-bank symbol,  you'll find on the bottom of each property page will link you with the Budget page.


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