From the fantastic skyline of Ua Pou to the desert-like plateau of Ua Huka, the islands of the Marquesas archipelago are isolated from neighboring lands, with a beauty matched only by their serenity.

Among the great volcanic cliffs and towering mountains of the Marquesas are a countless number of geological, archeological and man-made wonders. 1,000-foot waterfalls cascade down the sheer cliffs and pounding surf carves fjord-like bays. 

Follow in the footsteps of Gauguin and discover these  almost pristine islands. 


12 islands form this volcanic group, which lies 740 mi (1,190 km) NE of Tahiti. The estimated population is around 8,500. The largest island is Nuku Hiva, the seat of the capital, Taiohae; the second largest, Hiva Oa, is the site of Atuona, the former capital.

The Marquesas, famous for their rugged beauty, are fertile and mountainous, rising to 3.904 ft (1,190 m) on Hiva Oa. There are breadfruit, pandanus, and coconut trees; the limited fauna includes wild cattle and hogs.

 Until recent years visitors of the Marquesas had to board a freighter "Aranui", partially converted for cruising,  that made a regular stop at one of its ports.

Air strips at Nuku Hiva and Hiva Oa, together with  added accommodations  on both islands, opened up an easier access for the adventurous traveler. 



Nuku Hiva


Nuku Hiva's beauty from the sea or in the air is truly breathtaking.  Its 2,500 inhabitants are spread over many villages.

There are eight harbors, the best of which is Taiohae Bay on the southern coast. Copra is the chief export. 

Taiohae is a pleasant village bordering the sea. It is the administrative, economic, educational and health center of the Marquesas Islands. Here are the French and Territorial administrators, the government buildings, gendarmerie, post office, general hospital, town hall, Air Tahiti office, banks, schools, well-stocked stores and shops. It lies on the south coast at the head of the Bay of Taiohae whose entrance is guarded by two rocks. 

The reality series "Survivor Marquesas" was filmed on this island, which also will indirectly spark more interest on this destination.




Located just a 5 minute ride from the capital town of Taiohae, this property overlooks the magnificent Bay of Taiohae. The hotel offers 12 deluxe and 8 premium deluxe bungalows, all with views over the bay. The bungalows are built with local materials and each of them have carvings by a different artist.

The bungalows mix comfort and esthetic beauty, providing mini-bar, air conditioning, telephone, television, video, and bathroom  and a panoramic terrace with views over the bay.  Facilities include a swimming pool, bar, restaurant and library, as well as its own 4-wheel drive vehicles for guided excursions.


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Hiva Oa


This volcanic island, 154 sq mi (399 sq km) is the second largest and the most important of the Marquesas Islands. Hiva Oa is the seat of Atuona, former capital of the Marquesas. 

The Bay of Traitors, protected by ridges 3,000 ft (910 m) high, provides a good harbor. Copra is the chief export.

On this island, you'll find the grave sites of the famous controversial painter Paul Gauguin and the renowned French singer Jacques Brel.



Facing  the majestic Mount Temetiu (3903 feet) and offering amazing views of Traitors Bay, the Bordelais canal, the small island of Hanakee and in the distance the precipitous volcanic island of Tahuata. 

A 200 panoramic view from the restaurant, bar and terrace displays the breathtaking splendor and wild beauty of the Marquesas. The spectacular view of the Taaoa bay and the Atuona valley, dominated by  Mt. Temetiu  is unforgettable.


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Each bungalow has been individually designed by one of twenty artists and sculptors. The hotel has 8 luxurious bungalows with panoramic view, 6 family suites with ocean view and 6 bungalows on the mountain side, with views over the bay of Tahauku, the valley of Tehueto and Mount Temetiu.

Enjoy modern comforts while experiencing Marquesan culture, both past and present.  A terrace offers majestic views of the rugged coast while, inside, each cottage provides air conditioning, a mini-bar, safe, hair dryer, and television. The hotel features also a  swimming pool, bar, restaurant, and library.

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