Straddling the equator and the international dateline, Kiribati (pronounced Kee-ree-bas) is composed of 33 islands spread over 2 million square miles in the central Pacific Ocean.

One of the smallest and most isolated nations in the world, the terrain is mostly low-lying coral atolls surrounded by extensive reefs and sub-divided into three main groups known as the Gilbert Islands, the Phoenix and the Line Islands.

Modern history of Kiribati begins with the arrival of Micronesians from the South Pacific which took place between 200 to 500 AD. 

 Internal self-government was attained in two stages until it finally became a fully independent Republic on 12 July, 1979.



Temperatures vary between 82 degrees and 92 degrees Fahrenheit and 50 to 63 percent of the annual possible sunshine of 4135 hours. The wet season extends from December to May and rainfall variation is high in most of the islands. A gentle breeze from the easterly quarter is predominant.

Time Zones:
Tarawa is 12 hours ahead of UTC that is, 2 hours ahead of Tokyo and 22 hours ahead of Honolulu, on the other side of the international dateline. Christmas island is 14hrs ahead of UTC.

The main language is I-Kiribati. On the capital Tarawa, English is widely understood but less on the outer islands.

The coconut palm is the most common form of vegetation. Other vegetation includes pandanus, pawpaw and breadfruit. Fish are found in profusion in all the islands, especially in Christmas Island's lagoon and ocean waters and include bonefish, wahoo, yellowfin tuna, sailfish, grouper and sharks.

The Australian dollar is the legal currency of Kiribati. There is a departure tax of $10.00 in Australian currency 


Tarawa was the scene of one of the fiercest battles between the American and Japanese forces during the Second World War. The capital of Kiribati, Tarawa is fast becoming one of the most densely populated areas in the Pacific, being similar in density to Hong Kong. The President’s Office, Parliament building and International Airport are all situated on Bonriki.  A number of war relics can be seen on Betio and visits to World War II battlegrounds and natural history expeditions can be organised. 

Christmas Island was the base for early nuclear testing in the 1950's and is now a satellite-tracking base as well as a thriving adventure tourism resort.

Visitors are always welcome in the Maneaba, a traditional community meeting house, where they may enjoy traditional dancing, singing and storytelling – since local culture is still the dominant influence in these islands.

A fine way to get the whole picture of Kiribati is taking a ‘flight-seeing’ trip on board small planes. Tours take you to the islands of Abaiang, Abemama, Maiana and Tarawa – other islands can be visited on request.

 1.   Otintaai Hotel     (Tarawa)
 2.   The Lagoon Breeze Lodge   (Tarawa)
 3.   Tarawa Motel   (Tarawa)
 4.   Captain Cook Hotel (Christmas Island)

Otintaai Hotel 

The Hotel is located on the edge of the peacful Tarawa lagoon. The facilities include 40 air-conditioned rooms with restaurant, lounge and bar.

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The Lagoon Breeze Lodge  

Located beside the lagoon in rustic and quit surroundings. Eight double/twin ensuite rooms and 4 single ensuite rooms, including a self-contained chalet..Free airport transport transfers, arranging rental cars, tour bookings, Kiribati and English language lessons.


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 Tarawa Motel 

Located at Ambo on South Tarawa and offers six rooms with private cooking facilities, two toilets, two showers, two kitchens, two lounges and fridges. Situated close to the main road opposite the famous Ambo Lagoon Club and it is handy to public transport.

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Captain Cook Hotel  (Diving & Fishing Paradise)

Located on the northern side of Christmas Island aka Kiritimati, the Hotel offers 24 basic twin-bedded rooms plus six bungalows all with private shower and toilet. Rooms have coffee making facilities plus refrigerators, and some rooms have air-conditioning for a surcharge. 
There is a dining room, a market and a private beach just steps away from the guest rooms. Dive trips are with Dive Kiribati. 
Three and a half hours flying time south of Honolulu, Hawaii.  Airport transfers are provided.


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