Few places have  had such a romantic impact on the Western imagination, unlike  the Pacific Islands... the purity of living guilt-free besides crystal- clear lagoons, the temptations brought by the deserted island, with palm-draped beaches. Writers and filmmakers have given us the themes to the ultimate escape of the material world, so the names of the islands sound like magic to our ears.

Almost all of the Islands are part of the great Polynesian Triangle which stretches across the Pacific from Hawaii to Easter Island to New Zealand. Most Pacific Islanders share a common Polynesian inheritance.  To the west of the triangle, you'll find the Melanesians, occupying the Island chains towards Indonesia.

Island environment requires little in the way of clothes, shelter and even effort to gather food, which the trees, the lagoons and the rich volcanic soils provide. The strong communal family system ensures that hunger or homelessness doesn't exist, and a strong sense of tradition prevails their way of living.


  1   French Polynesia

  2   The Cook Islands

  3   The Samoas

  4   Tonga

  5   Fiji

  6   Kiribati

  7   Tuvalu

  8   Vanuatu

  9   New Caledonia

10  Solomon Islands

11  Micronesia

12  Guam  / Palau