Was this State named after an Indian dialect word for "little spring", or after a district, now Pima County,  once named by the Spanish "Arizonac and Arissona??? 

What has no doubt is the origin for its nickname   "the Grand Canyon State" since one of the "Seven Natural Wonders of the World" is located on its territory attracts nearly five million visitors each year. 


  • 113,909 square miles. Arizona is about 400 miles long and about 310 miles wide. 6th largest out of 50 States.
  • Population an estimated 5,300,000 and growing.
  • Capital is Phoenix
  • Monthly average temperatures range from a high of 105.0 degrees to a low of 38.1 degrees.
  • Geographically divided in 3 zones, to the North the Colorado Plateau, in the Center a Transition Zone  and The Basin and Ridge Region in the South.
  • More than half of the state consists of mountain and plateau areas and the largest Ponderosa Pine forest in the United States. 

Arizona's beauty of startling natural wonders, a healthful climate and a rich cultural heritage of the "Pueblos" is complimented by tales of the Old West. 
Monument Valley's sandstone monoliths have served as the breathtaking backdrop for many classic western films. 

Besides the decor, the State's tumultuous past was subject for many scripts.  Arizona was also the home of Geronimo and Cochise and set the scene for the "Gunfight at the OK Coral" where the score was finally settled between the Earps and the Clantons.

Besides its natural wonders and history, Arizona's hospitality industry caters to every traveler's budget. 

In the valley of the fire, sprawling Phoenix and its suburbs offer from posh five star resorts to budget motels,  mystic Sedona hotels are backed by a Red Rock decor, Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon area are filled with lodges in the midst of Ponderosa pines and the expanding area of Tucson presents hotels, nestled in a Saguaro cacti landscape.






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