No other State has an open invitation for a visit, such as the State of Nevada. Its diversity in landscape, over-abundance of entertainment and its liberal reputation, attracts millions of tourists from all over the world.  

Named for the view of snow-capped mountains, after a long trek west through its great basin, this territory was baptized "Nevada" which means snow-capped. And water is the key commodity  in  a desert landscape.  

Along its rivers flowing West, you can find towns and settlements, risen out of their history, still displaying the taste of the Old West. Besides, the "Silver State" offers mining towns and ghost towns, some active, others memories in the dust.

In between the main East-West arteries, there is a vast landscape of rugged desert, mesas and prairie. In the South you'll find the expanding urban development of Las Vegas and its suburbs near  manmade Lake Mead.  In the North Western corner, Reno evolves as its sister community with gambling and the surroundings of beautiful Lake Tahoe. 



  • With mostly mountainous and desert terrain, altitudes vary from 1,000 feet to over 13,000 feet. Climate is arid, abundant sunshine; light rainfall; snow. Average temperature varies from 70 F  south to 45 F in north.

  • Tourist-connected industries (hotels, casinos, amusement and recreation facilities) make up the largest employment category. There are big resort areas, with nearby skiing as well as sunbathing, near Lake Tahoe, Reno, Las Vegas, and elsewhere. Ghost towns, rodeos, trout fishing, water skiing, and deer hunting are other attractions.

  • Territory =110,540 square miles, 485 miles long, 315 miles wide; seventh in size.

  • Census 2000 population, 1,998,257 and rapidly growing

  • Carson City; designated in July 1864; also territorial capital dating back to 1861





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