When SuperClubs introduced the Super-Inclusive vacation, we raised expectations for an entire generation of vacationers, and raised the standards for our competition. After 25 years, we're still recognized as the innovators. Frankly, nobody even comes close. Super-Inclusive isn't just about more. It's about better. It's about offering the finest beaches and the most comfortable accommodations. It's being greeted with a friendly smile when you arrive and warm wishes when you leave. It's world-class chefs and world-recognized golf and tennis pros. It's about promises made and promises kept. 

Grand Lido Resorts
Couples - Singles -Families Adults 16+

Hedonism Resorts
Couples - Singles - Adults 18+ only

Breezes Resorts 
Couples - Singles - Families 16+ 

Starfish Resorts
Couples - Singles - Families all ages

Grand Lido Negril, Jamaica

Hedonism II, Jamaica Breezes Runaway Bay, Jamaica Starfish Trelawny, Jamaica

Grand Lido Braco, Jamaica

Hedonism III, Jamaica Breezes Bahamas Starfish Ocho Rios,  Jamaica

Grand Lido Sans Souci, Jamaica

Couples -Singles - Families all ages

Breezes Costa do Sauipe, Brazil
Breezes Curacao

NEW Opening Dec 2002

Sol de Plata Punta Cana
(Domenican Republic) 
aka Breezes Punta Cana
Sol de Plata Puerto Plata
(Domenican Republic) 
aka Breezes Puerto Plata